Published on 03/29/2018 5:07 am

Claiming tax deductions is an important personal admin task that can help you save hundreds of tax dollars. Most industries have a range of expenses that workers can claim and deduct from their annual taxable income. As part of the aged care or disability support industry, it’s likely that you will occasionally pay for work related purchases out of your own pocket. Keeping track of these purchases can help you get back some of the money from those expenses.

What you can claim are generally expenses that you incurred in order to make an income. So, what are some important tax deductions you can claim as a support worker?


If you provide in-home care, it’s likely that you will have to travel between your client’s homes. Therefore, one of the biggest tax deductions you can make is your travel expenses.

If you use your car to visit clients and attend meetings or conferences you can claim the costs of using your car. To do so, it’s best to keep a daily record of the amount of kilometres

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What tax deductions can I claim as a support worker?